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February 12th- Private Party- Atlanta, GA

March 21- Private Party- Atlanta, GA

March 28th- Pace Academy Fundraiser- Atlanta, GA

June 23rd- AJ's- Destin, FL 


Stay Tuned for more tour dates!!!



January 10th- Laugh Tracks & Fanny Packs- Venkman's 


December 31st- Private Party- Kiawah Island, NC


December 20th- Brass Tap- Atlanta, GA


December 14th- Holiday Party- Roswell, GA 


December 9th- Holiday Party-Atlanta, GA 


 November 9th- Private Party- Atlanta, GA


October 19th- Private Party- Atlanta, GA


 September 21st- Wild Leap Brewing 2nd Anniversary- LaGrange, GA


August 24th- Walton HS Reunion- Atlanta, GA


August 16th- Summer Concert Series- Canton GA


 July 30th- Private Event- Atlanta GA


July 13th- Southern Fried 80's Prom- Atlanta, GA 


June 22nd- Private Event- Stone Mountain, GA  


June 15th- Venkman's


May 17th- Private Event- Georgia Theatre Athens, GA 


May 11th- Private Event- GA Tech 


May 10th- Community Rocks-City of Douglasville


May 4th- Private Event- Atlanta, GA 


April 27th- Private Event- Atlanta, GA 


April 26th- Wing Cafe & TapHouse- Marietta, GA 


April 13th- Private Event- Atlanta, GA


March 23rd- Private Event- Alpharetta, GA


March 2nd- Private Event- Orlando, FL


March 23rd- Private Event- Atlanta, GA


February 15th- Private Event- Columbus GA 


January 26th- Wing Cafe & Tap House- Marietta, GA 


January 24th- Private Event- Hotel at Avalon 


January 16th- Private Event- Loews Atlanta Hotel  


January 5th- 80's ladies Night at Venkman's


December 10th- Private Event- Atlanta, GA 


December 21st- Private Event Atlanta, GA 


November 3rd- Private Event- 433 Bishop 


September 29th- Private Event- Atlanta, GA 


September 14th- Fanny Pack Friday at Venkman's 


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